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Cocktails and food at the Chilean bar Sweet & Sour

If you are looking for signature cuisine and cocktails in Chile, Sweet & Sour is the new bar with Luis Aurelio Garay at the helm.

The bar is already making a name for itself not only for its elevated cocktail and dining experience, but also because its owners also include Rodrigo Otaiza and Matías Supan, two of the bartenders and owners of Siete Negronis, another of the Latin American country’s award-winning bars, and which was chosen as one of the 70 best in the world by World’s Best 50 Bars in 2019.

In charge of the bar, Max Leal, Mundobar instructor and also very involved with Siete Negronis.

Gastronomic side we find Luis Aurelio Garay, the chef who has led highly recognized Chilean kitchens.

Sweet & Sour proposes an experience in which guests are invited to taste and pair cocktails both revisited and their own, while proposing a creative cuisine playing with sweet and sour as evoked by the name of the bar. We find fruits and vegetables in the same dish. The dishes have of course their +1, their ideal cocktail to create the perfect combination in terms of Food Pairing experience.

That’s why the best way to taste at Sweet & Sour is combining food with cocktails. Don’t hesitate to ask for the perfect pairing.

Among the drinks we find fresh ones like the Unusual Lady, with gin, cucumber slices, herbs, artisanal triple sec and a special perfume made from a secret recipe of the house.

To taste this cocktail we recommend tasting one of the starters such as the cuttlefish and ulte, a cuttlefish tartar with a sea broth, fresh vegetables and a citric touch.

Another recommended cocktail is the Cynar Julep, made from the Italian Cynar aperitif based on artichokes and 13 secret herbs, fresh grapefruit juice, crushed mint leaves and caramel syrup. Perfect for tasting with the venison tartare: venison with pickles and cured yolk, garnished with a fig emulsion with vermouth.

And for fans of sour cocktails, the Peruvian sour blends pure Viñas de Oro and a touch of whipped green must, creamy, perfect for tasting with the goat cheese palette. A goat cheese matured for days in a multi-flower honey with Chiloé garlic.

To finish Sweet & Sour also offers desserts such as quince ice cream.


Sweet & Sour

Where is Sweet & Sour? Alonso de Córdova Avenue, 4060, Santiago, Vitacura, Chile.                                                                              

Open from Tuesday to Saturday from 5 PM to 10 PM

https://www.sweetsour.cl/ (https://www.sweetsour.cl/)



Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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