Discover Seoul’s Best Hidden Bars 2019

Hidden bars appeal because of their mysteries and original concepts. So, do you know the best of Seoul’s Hidden Bars in South Korea ?

You have to go there to believe it, Seoul is full of atypical bars:




Bar hidden on the floor of a warehouse, futuristic furniture, it is signed by the contemporary artist Lee Byung.


Sipboon Il


Bar specialising in top-of-the-range beer, recommended with a plate of jjaphagetti (noodles with black beans, egg and cheese).


Eulji Brewing


Fluorescent pink bar and local illustrations, where you can enjoy traditional beers.


Jean Frigo


Here you can order via a telephone booth directly connected to the bar.


Dokil Jutaek


An artisanal beer bar in a traditional Korean house, called a hanok.


Speakeasy Mortar


Jazzy music and smartphones are forbidden, enjoy the selection of more than 300 bottles of whiskies and scotches.




A local favourite bar with white rabbit, supernatural atmosphere and innovative cocktails.




In a hanok with a glass roof on the courtyard, we like to sip a beer while listening to the rain.


Le Chamber


Created by two world-renowned bartenders, Lim Jae-jin and Eom Do-hwan, you have to draw a book to enter and enjoy a beer.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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