Katerina's Bar

Meet Katerina’s Bar, one of the best bars in the world in Mykonos

Katerina’s Bar is positioned as one of the best bars in the world, nestled in the beautiful “Little Venice” of Mykonos, Greece.

Recently a list from The Guardian compiled the best bars in the world, based on their travels and experiences. Katerina’s Bar seduced experts with its beautiful sea view, excellent cocktails and good food. But also because of its fun atmosphere and relaxing ambience.

Founded in 1991 the bar and restaurant offers delicious seafood in pastas, risottos and salads with a Greek and Mediterranean accent.

Whether it is for a coffee, a cocktail or a delicious dinner in front of the sea, Katarina’s Bar has won the affection of its visitors with its excellent service and quality.

You know where to enjoy your round of cocktails in the Little Venice of Mykonos. But be careful, don’t forget to book because the restaurant is very popular.


Katerina’s Bar

Agion Anargyron 8, Little Venice, Mykonos,

Instagram @katerinasbarrestaurant


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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