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Going out in Texas: Where to drink in Dallas, 10 districts

To go out in Texas we have gathered thanks to Thrillist 10 districts where to drink in Dallas, bars of all kinds, rooftops, hotels, and restaurants, you will get your favorite place.

Dallas is a very active city, you can even say that it is a city that never sleeps. The city is divided into several districts, from which we have selected 10. Here you will find 10 districts where to drink in Dallas, compiled by Steven Lindsey, who took the care to select places that have several bars in a walkable area so you can stay in the same district for the whole time if you want to visit multiple places.

Bar – restaurant in the Bishop arts district – Dallas – Photo by Ashley Byrd en Unsplash 


10 where to drink in Dallas spots


10. Design District

The Design District has become a hub of fun in recent years with upscale bars and restaurants.

-Virgin Hotels Dallas, The Common Club.

-Meddlesom Moth

-Pie Tap

-The Charles / Bar Charles

-The Mexican

-Carbone Wine


9. The Cedars / Southside

-Alamo Drafthouse Cedars: craft cocktails.

-Vetted Well: patio with city skyline view

-Poor David’s Pub

-The Fivee Bistro & Bar

-The Gallery Rooftop Lounge (Canvas Hotel)

-Distinctive Vines Wine Lounge

-Hamilton’s at Lorenzo

Photo: Vetted Well


8. Downtown

The central business district has become a nightlife hotspot for live music and trendy places to hang out!

-Jaxon Beer Garden

-Double Tap bar

-The Exchange

-The Adolphus Hotel

-Pegasus City Brewers

-The Mitchell

-Midnight Rambler

-The Joule

-Rooftop Bar Waterproof

-Basement speakeasy Bourbon & Banter at The Statler

-One Eyed Penguin sports bar


7. Deep Ellum

Deel Ellum is located on the east side of downtown Dallas. It is one of the most historic districts of the city. It has many bars and places to see live music.

-Adair’s Saloon

-Twilite Lounge, for New Orleans-style cocktails.

-Truth & Alibi, a speakeasy behind a fake candy store.

-Deep Ellum Brewing Company, beer for beer lovers.

-Federales, ready for tequila shots.


6. Harwood District / Victory Park

These two districts meet between Downtown and Uptown. In the Harwood District you’ll find:

-Elephant East, is an Asian restaurant with a bar and lounge.

-Harwood Arms, a British pub

-Happiest Hour, an excellent place for a drink.

-Te Deseo, a Latin American venue

On the Victory Park side you’ll find:

-W Dallas-Victory, in The Living Room

-Billy Can (an elegant saloon)

-Burgundy Swine, a wine bar

-Hero, a gastropub

-Royal 38, an excellent and popular place to drink cocktails, especially one of the best zero-proof (low alcohol) cocktails.

Photo credit: Royal 38


Where to drink in Dallas? The 5 count


5. Uptown

What else to say about the uptown side of downtown?

-McKinney Avenue Trolley,

-Rattlesnake Bar at the Ritz-Carlton Dallas

-Moxie’s, for cocktails

-Sixty Vines, wines to order served from a siphon.

-Bowne House, Parliament, The Standard Pour, for cocktails.

Photo: Rattlesnake Bar


4. Henderson Avenue

On Henderson Avenue, you’ll find the party vibe, while on Knox Street you’ll find more of a restaurant drinking vibe.



-Louie’s, great for martini’s and crunchy thin pizza

-Henderson Tap House, for beer lovers and sports fanatics

-Sfuzzi’s, perfect for tasting Bellini ice cream

-The Skelling, an Irish pub

-The Old Monk, a European pub

-Barcelona Wine Bar, a Spanish-style bar with wine and tapas.


3. Bishop Arts District

The district is populated by historic buildings with cozy bars, street cafes, and stores. It is pedestrian friendly and very easy to navigate.

-The Wild Detectives

-Ten Bells Tavern

-Oak Cliff Social Club

-Whitehall Exchange

-Coco’s Fire & Ice

-Parker & Barrows

-Bar Eden Lounge at Paradiso


-Revelers Hall, is excellent for listening to Jazz


2. Oak Lawn

This is the LGBTQIA+ district of Dallas.

Among the bars and nightclubs that welcome the queer community in this small three to four block area are:

-Cedar Springs Tap House,

-Mr. Misster,


-Sue Ellen’s,

-The Round-Up Saloon,

-Station 4 (S4),

-The Rose Room,


-JR’s Bar & Grill,

-Roy G’s,

-Dallas Woody’s,

-Lava Lounge,

And a truly mixed crowd from all walks of life at the elegant Library Bar inside the Warwick Melrose Hotel.


1. Lower Greenville / Lowest Greenville

Inside each part, you can easily walk between the holes in the wall and the fancier lounges, but you can also fall in love with a place and stay there all night. This happens.


-Sundown at Granada,

-Life’s Good Bar & Grill,

-Bar 3606

-Stan’s Blue Note

In lower Greenville, these places keep the party going every night of the week.

-Truck Yard, the rooftop of HG Sply Co,

-Single Wide,

-The Libertine Bar,

-Alamo Club,


-Leela’s Wine Bar,

-Apothecary and Rye

Photo credit: Apothecary


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