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Is beer a warm up drink for winter?

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Beers do have their seasonal drinks ready to adapt your body to the current winter chill. Check out these beers for winter.

The cold is here, it’s chilly and you want to relax with a good beer. Pick a beer that will keep you warm (even if you drink it cold), but it’s not exactly its temperature, even if some beers might be served at a certain temperature, rather than its body and flavors that will suit your palate for the winter season.

Photo by Dan Barret

Follow these two tips to choose a good beer for winter:

  1. Think about dark beers: stouts, porters or dobbelbock will do the work. The flavor of these beers are big and chewy, which will demand you to taste slowly and to savor them. Besides, these kind of beer tend to taste good whether they are cold or warm, so you don’t need your beer to be ice cold to drink it. For instance, you can serve your stout beer from the fridge and let it warm in your hands.
  2. Rich high-alcohol beer: beers with a higher alcohol level than usual tend to give that warmer feel because of the alcohol. A beer rich in alcohol will also make you taste your beer slower and give you room to taste its rich and flavorful body.


Now you know!

What’s your favorite beer for winter? Let us know!


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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