There’s more to beer than hops: bitterness! Find out why

You would have probably notice without paying too much attention that the bitterness is one of the main features of the beer. Today we will take stock of one of the essential constituents of the beer. Via Le Figaro.

The beer is made from water, malt and hops, this plant whose chemical constituents are essential to any brewer: the essential oils responsible for the specific aromas, the beta acids destined for being oxidized and the alpha acids that are behind this characteristic bitterness.

The bitterness of each beer varies according to the rate of the alpha and beta acids of the hops used to brew. But the density of the beers influences reversely on the bitterness rate felt by our taste buds.

Is it sufficient to select hops that have a high rate of alpha acids? Not exactly. An artisanal beer requires, to be successful, a balance between flavours. And this balance take place with art between the particular aroma that releases all beer, its bitterness and its acidity.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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