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Yakima Chief Hops in support of women brewers with Pink Boots Blend

Yakima Chief Hops (YCH), a global supplier of 100% farmer-owned hops, is pleased to announce the pre-sale of its 5th Annual Pink Boots Blend in partnership with Pink Boots Society (PBS).

Via Press Release – Yakima Chief Hops

PBS is an international non-profit organization whose mission is to help, inspire and encourage women in the fermented beverage and alcoholic beverage industry.

The Pink Boots Blend is an annual hoppy blend and is part of YCH’s efforts to promote inclusion in the industry. Each year, women in the brewing profession from around the world collaborate with YCH to develop a new blend recipe through an extensive virtual selection process. This year, the selection included women from 37 different PBS chapters in five different countries.

The blend is made available for sale to commercial brewers and a portion of the proceeds from sales goes to the PBS scholarship fund. This helps provide educational opportunities for women in the industry with the goal of helping them advance their career and leadership skills. To date, more than $381,000 has been contributed.

This year, Yakima Chief Hops and Pink Boots Society have reached a major milestone with the 5th anniversary of the Pink Boots blend, which will reach brew kettles around the world in early 2022. This occasion is made even more special with the upcoming 15th anniversary of Pink Boots Society next year. To celebrate, they have set a goal of selling £50,000 and reaching a total mix contribution of $500,000.

The order deadline is Dec. 15, which allows time to ship and brew before International Women’s Day, March 8, when PBS will hold its Brew Day in collaboration with Pink Boots. Brewers are encouraged to register their Pink Boots Blend brew day and join the global movement of the craft brewing community.

Visit www.yakimachief.com for more information and pinkbootssociety.org to register for brew day.


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