Video: watch the recipe for French liqueur 44 by Pierre Guillotte

This is our second meeting with Pierre Guillotte. Producer of Calvados and cider in Bolleville, he presents us his perfect recipe of the liqueur 44!

Pierre Guillotte is a true producer of Normandy alcohols and a faithful representative of the land that saw his birth. At the age of 72, he produces calvados and cider – and other by-products – on the farm in his hometown, Bolleville.

In 1976, he decided to start producing cider. Then he started planting apple trees “for pleasure,” he reveals in an interview with France Bleu.

On his farm, there are four hectares of high-stem apple trees, typical of Normandy, and one hectare of low-stem. All the apples are harvested by hand at the end of September and go through an artisanal press.

In 2008, Guillotte began marketing the products of his farm which include not only calvados and cider, but also other products from the region such as the Apéritif du Contentin, and even apple juice.

The sale of his products is done exclusively at the farm, so don’t miss the opportunity to drop by and enjoy one of his drinks with him.

Farm of the Old Presbytery

The Presbytery – 50250 Bolleville

06 22 96 27 82


But wait…

What is the liqueur 44?

The 44 liqueur is a Calvados-based liqueur, very sweet, it can be enjoyed perfectly as a digestive. The origin of its name derives from the fact that each ingredient is added in portions of 44, that is to say 44 sugar cubes, 44 coffee beans … starting with the orange to macerate which must have 44 holes.



The 44 is a liqueur of Norman origin. According to the legend…

A Norman Knight, during his crusade in the Holy Land, was attacked on the 44th day of his expedition by 44 Saracens who inflicted 44 sword blows under an orange tree“.

The recipe was therefore created by allegory. This liqueur made in Normandy also exists in Reunion Island, where Calvados is replaced by rum. There is also a Breton version where Calvados is replaced by Lambig.


The recipe of the 44 by Pierre Guillotte

To prepare a liter of 44.

*Use a glass bottle for preparation.


1 liter of Calvados

1 orange

44 sugar cubes

44 coffee beans

A banana cut into 44 pieces


Pierce 44 holes in the orange with a pick and insert the coffee beans in each hole.

Put the orange in a jar with the calvados and sugar.

Let macerate for 44 days, then filter and enjoy!


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.