Ranking of the biggest bottles of champagne

Champagne is unmistakably one of the most known drinks in the world. Belgium appears in the 6th place of the biggest importers of champagne. It’s interesting to have an idea on the various sizes of bottle large format which we can find in trade. In ascending order of height we find respectively on the first 5 places:

  • The Magnum containing 1,5 liter
  • The double-Magnum of 3 liters
  • The Réhoboam of 4,5 liters
  • The Mathusalem of 6 liters
  • The Salmanazar containing 9 liters

The classification continues with formats more impressive as that of 12 liter Balthazar or Nabuchodonosor of 15 liters. 8th, 9th and 10th place are the ones of Salomon (18 liters), the Souverain (26, 25 liters) and Primat (27 liters). In 11th position finds itself Melchizédech or Midas of 30 liters with a weight varying between 45 and 54 kilos. The 12th place is the one of 93 liters Adélaïde, and finally the 13th place where we have the biggest bottle of champagne which is, the Sublime of 150 liters.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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