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The beauty of bubbles: why champagne is so good

According to Mark Twain, too much champagne is too good.

Champagne and fried chicken make surprisingly good placemats. At a recent event, the adaptation of fried chicken with expensive bubbles was a quick way to make more prestigious drinks more accessible – a perfect icebreaker for a discussion about champagne that does not get serious.

A winemaker and a wine waiter were summoned to demystify the champagne and comment on how ours resists to the finesse French in the first New Zealand edition of Not Serious Wine Chats.


The wine seller

Poizat is a Frenchman living in New Zealand for almost 20 years. His family has been in the wine sales game since 1879. Poizat opened his retailer in 1999.

One of his favorites on his wine list, Champagne Collet. It is dry, was created in 1921 but did not arrive in Aotearoa in 2014 was listed in Apero. The collective, the Collet champagne, now belongs to the producers – nearly 500 of them. It’s a five-year process and a real work of love.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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