Bouchello, the craft limoncello made in Switzerland

For our Spirits Hunters selection, we bring Bouchello, the craft limoncello made in Switzerland by two good childhood friends.

Together, Mark Mestre and Joachim Camponovo set to work to materialize a yellowish passion: limoncello. Bouchello was born from the entrepreneurship spirit that both friends share. They say that the idea was born at the end of a dinner tasting the liquor. As beer is very “in” lately, a craft limoncello instead could well do its job.

From an Italian family, Camponovo immerses himself in the preparation of craft limoncello in his kitchen with a recipe from his aunt from Bologna. “A total failure,” says Camponovo, “very alcoholic”. Last autumn, the duo came up with the ideal recipe.

Mestre and Camponovo’s recipe consists of lemons imported from Sicily, which a local distributor knows perfectly and provides. They use 6 lemons per litre of alcohol, each delicately peeled so as not to tear off the white layer, essential for the bitter taste of limoncello. “The goal is to reach 40 degrees of alcohol,” says Camponovo.

Their debut in December earned them the sale of their 100 bottles of handmade Bouchello limoncello directly from their creation workshop. Each year, the two friends organize three meetings in their workshop to connect with both new and existing customers. It’s an opportunity to create cocktails based on limoncello, which according to Mestre and Camponovo, marries very well with champagne or tonic for the aperitif.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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