“Fût un temps” whisky: as close as possible to the forest

To better understand wood, I propose a short summary on the composition of a trunk. Because many spirits are aged in wooden barrels.

The bark is the outer coating of the trunk, branches and roots of trees. The bark protects the plant from external aggressions: diseases, fungi, insects, fire, rain, and frost. It insulates it from the sun’s rays and prevents it from losing too much water in the event of drought.

Inside the bark, we find the cambium or “second bark”. It is responsible for the formation of wood: this is why it constantly modifies the properties of the tree so that it adapts as well as possible to its growth and its direct environment.

Let’s continue our exploration!

Below the bark, thick grooves or “medullary rays” appear, which form the meshes of the wood. They are produced unevenly according to the seasons. Between these furrows, living wood occupies an important place. It is through it that the sap of the tree flows.

Another detail to know: a tree has two development cycles in a year. The first, during the spring, when its growth accelerates. The wood looks lighter: it is the “spring wood”, or “initial wood”.

Second important period: during the summer. The inside of the wood is harder and darker: it is the “summer wood”, or “final wood”. The heartwood, or “heartwood”, corresponds to the inner part of the wood: the oldest formed growth areas, which no longer contain living cells.

Finally, the marrow is the most central part of the tree: a set of spongy tissues that evolve as we age.


"Fût un temps" whisky: as close as possible to the forest


In partnership with Spirits Hunters (media specialising in the world of spirits), “Fut un temps” whisky was produced by Label Agence with a view to the composition of wood over time. This visual is an ode to the cycle of life and the future, which explains the sober and refined design.

Label Agence, creative agency 4.0, uses new and unique concepts for spirits brands.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.



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