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How to store alcohol at home while preserving flavors? 3 Ways of doing it

Even without a wine cellar, you can store alcohol bottles to preserve them and fight against the degradation of taste and quality.

Home storage of distilled spirits is a constant competition between convenience and preservationaccording to Allen Katz, co-founder of New York Distilling Company.


One golden rule: store your alcohol bottles away from the sun and light!

This is the golden rule for storing almost all the various alcohols at home, “To make spirits, liqueurs and wines as pure as possible” according to Katz. So not glued to a radiator or a natural light source! Bacardi researchers have conducted internal tests proving that heat can change the taste of alcohol by breaking down its organic molecules. Furthermore, they discovered that light can reduce the color of a spirit.

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What should I do with open bottles of alcohol?

Unopened spirits and wine can theoretically be kept for years if stored properly. The effects of oxidation are present with the effect of air on alcohol. Since exposure to air can kill some of the flavors of wine and spirits, of course, remember to close your bottle, sucking in the air first. An unopened bottle of wine also presents risks of oxidation. So watch out for the cork: it must not dry out or shrink. It is advisable to put your wine in the refrigerator for proper storage of this alcohol.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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