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The best alcohols and luxury ingredients to have at home

Best alcohols and luxury ingredients for those drinks that you can prepare in the comfort of your home. Spirits and high-end ingredients that you can’t miss.

These best alcohols, spirits and ingredients can be used to create cocktails, but also for a neat tasting.

From mezcals to liqueurs to waters, our list is inspired by the past nominations of Tales of The Cocktail which awards the best of the best each year in the beverage industry. Some brands have been created by well-known bartenders like the Schofield brothers, while we have more exclusive ones like Mr Black or classics like Hendrick’s and Fever Tree. Build your home bar with the following ingredients and make sure you have the quality to taste the best drinks you wish to recreate at home.


Vermouth Schofield’s

Bartender brothers Joe Schofield and Daniel Schofield created their Dry vermouth together with London spirits producer Asterley Bros. Schofield’s Dry Vermouth (16 %) blends Baco English, Chardonnay and Seyval Blanc wines with 28 aromatic herbs. It is described as “aromatic, fragrant and elegant”.

The English vermouth can be tasted perfectly with a Gin or Vodka Martini, a white Negroni, or as an aperitif with tonic water, ice and a slice of lemon.


From Maguey Single Village Mezcal Las Milpas

To create Las Milpas mezcal, Del Maguey bakes the raw agave sprats in a clay oven. The cooked agave is then ground with a horse-drawn windmill. To ferment it, only ambient microbes and yeasts from outdoor wood fermentation tanks are used, and it is then subjected to a double distillation in copper stills.


Empirical Spirits Ayuuk

If you are looking for this alcoholsbottle that will stand out in your bar and that everyone will wonder what it is, the Danish experimental distillery Empirical Spirits has the solution. Ayuuk is a 43% alcoholic spirit created with pasilla mixe chile from Oaxaca. The chillies are macerated in wine, distilled, and mixed with kombucha-based pasilla mix. They are then finished in Oloroso barrels for 5 days. In addition, its purple wheat and Pilsner malt base provides balance to the earthy tones of the chiles and a pleasant spiciness.


Fever Tree Refreshingly Lime Cucumber Tonic Water

Your cocktails will need, or at least some of them, their tonic top. Fever Tree is that tonic that’s never missing. This time they propose the Refreshingly Light, a tonic created with natural cucumber essence, extracted using a low temperature distillation process.

It has a refreshing taste and aroma and marries perfectly with fresh, floral gins.


Hendrick’s Midsummer Solstice Gin

A beautiful bottle that will complement your bar. Midsummer Solstice is the newest release since William Grant & Sons acquired Hendrick’s Gin. It is a limited edition inspired by the “mysterious and ephemeral delights” of the summer solstice bloom. This gin is infused with floral essences and flavors that capture “the aromatic intensity of a solstice day. An excellent companion to the Fever Tree tonic!

Mr Black Single Origin Columbia Coffee Liqueur

No bar would be complete without a good coffee liqueur. A range of Australian coffee liqueur produced by Mr Black. Made with coffee from Finca Villa Betulia, near Hulia, in Colombia.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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