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Spirits, bitter, mixers and other essential ingredients for your home bar

A home bar is not complete without these essentials such as spirits, liquors, bitters and mixers to create the best cocktails at home.

1. Spirits and liqueurs

Spirits and liquors, and liqueurs, for your home bar will be your main focus. Beautiful bottles with quality content, or one or two limited edition bottles will add a special touch to your bar.

You don’t have to spend big sums to get quality alcohol either, as is the case of the world champion Loch Lomond whisky for less than $40! But the important thing is to keep a list of the classics: vodka, rum (white and gold), tequila, whisky, brandy and campari.

In addition, amaretto, coffee liqueur, vermouth, Irish liqueur cream and orange liqueur will also perfectly complement your drinks.


2. Bitters

We already know the famous Angostura Bitter, but there is a large variety in all tastes and colors. This is a must-have ingredient for creating sophisticated cocktails with just a few drops. Nuts, chocolate, ginger, orange, lemon… some brands are Peychauds, Fee Brothers, Angostura, Hella Bitters, Gumbo.


3. Mixers

The mixers will be your companion to create simple cocktails with sophisticated spirits or not. The variety is infinite and of all kinds. Tonic water, grenadine, tea, coffee; orange, cranberry, pineapple, tomato juices; sour mix, ginger ale, cola, club soda, are some of the essential mixers to create cocktails.


4. Glassware

The glasses will be your best friend for the right cocktail. All cocktails have a special serving glass. You should know that cocktails are grouped in styles and from here you will know which glass to use for your cocktails or neat drinks.

For short or mixed drinks on the rocks, you’ll need Old Fashioned and Tumbler glasses. For long and mixed drinks, Highball glasses. Short but mixed drinks, strained and served without ice go better in a martini glass or coupe. Finally, champagne or wine cocktails will always be served in their respective glasses as flutes and large wine glasses.

Don’t forget the style and look 😉


Other essential accessories include shakers, pourers, trolleys and extra ingredients such as salts and garnishes.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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