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Ten best premium vodka that will find their place at your bar

Tasting a good vodka can come with a price. We present these bottles of premium vodka for you to display, create and taste cocktails from your home bar.


Ketel One Vodka

We already know the delicious and special vodka Ketel One that besides having a line Botanicals low in calories that we have already recommended, its original range is perfect to taste alone, in shots and in cocktails. Its aromas of honey and citrus allow a smooth tasting in the mouth.


Jewel of Russia Ultra Black

The particularity of Jewel of Russia Ultra Black vodka is not its price, but the water with which rye and wheat are mixed to make it. It comes from Russian wells more than 15 240 meters deep. The recipe consists of distilling five times and the special black secret is the charcoal with which it is filtered.


Russian Standard Platinum

Among the most accessible, Russian Standard Platinum is creamy in the mouth and subtly spicy. It’s perfect for tasting it dry.


Grey Goose

No doubt a French classic that every home bar must have. The vodka from the Cognac region is perfect for a White Russian. In the mouth, it has a sweet finish after thick creaminess.


Nikka Coffey Vodka

The vodka of Japanese whisky producers, Nikka Coffey owes its name to the still in which it is distilled, the Coffey Still originally used by the house for the production of whiskey. Coffey Vodka is the result of an assembly of malted barley and corn distillates. Excellent to taste alone.


Other vodka that can complement your bar are:

Chopin Polish Potato Vodka

This vodka needs 3kg of potatoes to produce 70 cl. Chopin Polish Potato Vodka enhances the quality of vodka produced in this way, somewhat devalued by public opinion. Rich and creamy.


Beluga Transatlantic Racing

45 days of rest and double filtration in quartz sand filters and special silver for this vodka dedicated to Russian sailing equipment.


Stolichnaya Elit

A unique flavor sparkles from this vodka with sweet and smoky touches.


Jean Marc XO

Nine times distilled qualifies as an ultra premium and luxury vodka. Originally from Cognac, French vodka finds its place among experts and connoisseurs.


Ciroc Premium

Made with French grapes and distilled five times.

Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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