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Meet the oldest distillery in San Isidro, Peru, led by women

The Caravedo pisco from La Caravedo distillery is in the hands of a group of great women, in the oldest distillery in San Isidro. Via ElComercio.

In this distillery, the oldest in San Isidro, in Peru, women occupy 67% of the positions of Heads and Directors. Passionate women lead this pisco distillery which has been in existence for over 300 years. And it is not only the oldest, but the oldest operating distillery in Latin America.

Since 1864 La Caravedo has been producing Peru’s national drink, pisco. The distillery has a beautiful grapevine road where the eight types of vines authorized to make pisco grow. Among the different vines, there is the “negra criolla”, and the favorite of Jhonny Schuller, CEO of the distillery and ambassador of the drink. It is the first species of vine planted and cultivated in Peru.

At La Caravedo, pisco undergoes a handcrafting process, which ensures the purity of this drink.


The women behind La Caravedo

Carmen Gonzales, she’s the head of production. Since she arrived at the distillery she has accumulated a production of 500 thousand litres. Her goal is to reach one million liters of pisco.

-Samantha Alfaro, is the head of administration, a position she holds today after having started as an intern. Her job is to promote the consumption of pisco in Peru and the world.

Yanina López, coordinator of tourism and leisure activities, reinforces the promotion axis thanks to wine tourism. Her goal is to make the distillery the main wine tourism destination in the country and in the world of pisco.

-Delia Valdivia, is responsible for the standardization of the quality of the green must. She controls the temperature of the tanks and their daily progress in order to obtain exact musts for distillation.

-Ynes Huaman, administration assistant, supports the process of pisco distillation in the falcas. She supports several areas to achieve the best efficiency in the company.

Although the distillery is certainly very old, the brand only started marketing 10 years ago. In 2019, La Caravedo positioned itself as the largest exporter of pisco and managed to surpass brands that have been operating for more than a century. Their pisco can be found almost all over the world, in countries such as Germany, Spain, Guatemala, Italy, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands and Taiwan. In addition to having a presence in Belgium, France, China, Grand Cayman, Dubai and Australia.



Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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