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Historic Cocktails: whisky-based cocktail with Old Parr Real Ancient

We present some special, ancient historic cocktail recipes, compiled directly from the booklet “puis le gas y dit” by Distillers Corporation Seagrams Limited of Montreal.

The recipes included in this book were found and tasted in law firms of connoisseurs, hotel club experts and world-renowned hotels of the time. Divided into five parts according to the spirit base from gin, Scotch whisky, Canadian and American rye to bourbon.


Old Parr Real Ancient and Rare Old Antique Whisky

Today, we continue with Old Parr Whisky. This 152-year-old whisky, named after Thomas Parr, a man known to have lived to the age of 152. The bottle and the box bear the details of his dates and burial. Contrary to what one might think, it’s a subtle whisky. He made it the anecdote of a long dinner at the time in “Puis le gas y dit”. Two whisky-based cocktails are the perfect choice for the after-party of this dinner: Canvasback and Whisky Punch.

Old Parr

The story reads:

You’re talking about a big dinner… where my gas got his prize… a silver cup see that, just for a fish…

Well, we ate there for two or three hours… there were at least about a dozen knives, forks and spoons just for me alone.

After eating, I don’t know how many kinds of dishes with a clean plate each time, I had to tell them stories of fishing from home.

At the end of the day, for the last shot, something had to happen in the grand prix, so my friend says: ‘It’s time to take a shot of Grand Old Parr’ 


The Canvasback Cocktail

Created by Mr. Bozidar, First Boy of the Grand Hotel of Madrid, Seville, Spain.

3 parts Old Parr Whisky

2 parts Vermouth Cinzano

1 part of Gin White Satin

2 parts lemon juice

5 drops of Curaçao

5 drops of Angostura Bitters


Whisky Punch

Grate a piece of lemon peel in a tall glass. A full teaspoon of powdered sugar.

1/3 of a Sloe Gin wine glass

2/3 of a wine glass of Old Parr Whisky

Mix well; pour into a cocktail glass; add a slice of peach. Top with rum and serve.

Are you looking for a similar bottle of Old Parr from the time?



Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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