Hidden Bars in NYC

The Room 18th

Hidden behind a coffee shop, you will be seduced by its Art Deco style design, and the list of cocktails.

Dear Irving

Inspired by Marie Antoinette, this bar is known for its delicious whiskies.


Bar Fortuna

No bigger than a dressing room, this bar offers an ideal intimacy for a romantic evening. In addition, cocktails and appetizers are rich in flavours.


Little Branch

Live music, refined cocktails, homemade pretzels… everything we love!


The Angels’ share

Luxury Japanese whisky drinks and dishes from all over the world are available.


Please don’t say

Here, taste a Porto brew with refined hot dogs.

Fig 19

Jazz music, chic atmosphere and accessible cocktails.



Ring the bell on the door and enjoy the tailor-made cocktail.



Behind an unmarked door in Chinatown, bartenders in white coats serve partygoers until the end of the night.



A dragon in light is the centerpiece of this clever space.


La Milagrosa

Behind a freezer door in a Williamsburg delicatessen, there is a wooded area where DJs mix, and the cocktails are made for all of the tastes.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.