tips for healing the liver

Post-Holiday Tips for Healing the Liver

Typically we use Christmas and New Year’s Eve festivities to enjoy certain cocktails or drinks and eat. Whether you have succumbed to the excess or not, the important thing is to take care of your liver.

The liver is indispensable for the organism, it is essential in the digestion since it produces the bile. We can not ignore it when detoxifying because it removes impurities from the blood.


Tips for healing the liver

1. Don’t believe everything that says DETOX . You decide to undertake a cure with everything that says detox… it is not the most advisable thing. Not everyone is approved or recognized for their benefits.

2. Let the liver do its job. Draining, cleansing, is the function of the liver. Any doctor will tell you that. It’s its natural function.

3. The risks of fasting. If you fall into fasting you will deprive your body of everything it needs to function well. Fasting will only disturb it more than anything else.

4. Don’t believe in food supplements… Be wary of some of these products presented as medicinal plants, because they can be toxic to the liver. It is well known that supplements are not controlled as much as medicines, so there are risks.

5. It’s as easy as… Eat in a balanced way and in reasonable quantities. Respect your prescriptions if you take medication and don’t forget to exercise. Yes, at least 30 minutes of movement a day is one of the factors that will help keep your liver healthy.


Other methods to detoxify ourselves after the holidays

There are, however, other recommended methods of detoxification. Use the black radish or the artichoke.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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