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These countries also produce great whisky

Countries such as Ireland, Japan and the United States are the first to come to mind, renowned for their whisky production history. But these countries also produce great whisky!

We invite you to discover beyond the typical distilling countries.


In Taiwan

Kavalan whisky was awarded several times for its single malt. Unique in its genre, Kavalan whisky is distilled in the subtropical climate of Yilan, rapidly evaporating from its barrels. In this way it acquires a ripe taste in a very short time. A fruity, floral, woody whisky with harmonious flavours.


The places that dominate whisky are Norfolk and North Costwolds. The whisky of England Costwolds, emerges among the current English whisky producers. They use local barley and age the whisky in old bourbon barrels reconditioned for red wine. This gives it rich flavours and fruity aromas. An interesting whisky that cannot go unnoticed.

Best whisky in Holland

A 6-year-old whisky bottled by That Boutique-and Whisky Company and distilled at the Zuidam distillery. Typically distilled with its malted barley crushed in its Dutch mill drawn on the label of the bottle. A colorful whisky with caramel apples bathed in cinnamon, flavors of pears, licorice and orange shell.


Best whisky in South Africa

Bain’s Cape Mountain Whisky distilled by The James Sedgewick Distillery has received several world’s best awards. It is a 100% corn whisky which gives it its pale golden colour. A whisky made for those looking for a lighter version of the spirit. Soft citrus aroma and vanilla with powdered sugar. Spicy notes of capsicum and oak.


Best whisky in India

Amrut Fusion Single Malt is an Indian whisky distilled by Amrut Distilleries, a country categorized as the largest consumer of whisky by volume. There are two genuine whiskies among the variety of molasses whisky that dominates the country: Paul John Whisky and Amrut. Amrut produces a young and strong whisky, thanks to the country’s climate that quickly evaporates the spirit from the barrel. Amrut Fusion is a blend of Indian barley and Scottish peat barley.


Best whisky in Sweden

Sweden has the Spirit of Hven Hvenus Rye Whisky. A rye whisky distilled by Spirit of Hven. It comes from the island of Hven, located between Denmark and Sweden. A relatively new distillery, founded in 2008, with the world’s smallest pot still. It produces a variety of whisky with local barley. Hvenus Rye Whisky is a blend of spirits from 42 American oak barrels including wheat, maize and barley and 78% rye. Mature softness and notes of creamy soda and cola.


Some of the best whisky in Wales

Penderyn has a Portuguese liqueur finish thanks to the influence of Madeira barrels. Sweet and dry, these flavours stand out each in its own moment. Soft fruits and almonds build aroma and taste, and vanilla balances sweet, dry, and oak flavors.


Australia’s Best Whisky

Australia stands out in its whisky thanks to Starward, from the New World Whisky Distillery. Specialists at describe this whisky as “full-bodied, rich and bourbony”. Smooth and spicy, it develops warmth and richness with hints of chocolate with fruits and nuts. A modern Australian whisky, aged in Australian wine barrels, made with Australian rye.


Some of the Best whisky in Canada

Canadian Club is one of the largest Canadian whisky brands in the country. A whisky that you can probably see in your nearest bar. It’s a good choice for mixing drinks. Canadian Club distills this whisky with corn producing a super-smooth liquid, subtle spicy notes of walnut. Whisky with ginger ale is a good recommendation for tasting this whisky.

Some of the Best whisky in France

The Brenne distillery produces this single malt Brenne Cuvé Spéciale whisky, a truly French whisky. Produced in the Cognac region. The local rye is produced with cognac yeast, distilled twice with a cognac production method. Aged in French oak barrels and cognac barrels. To the taste, fruits and vanilla develop a deep flavor before tasting the traces of cognac in the finish.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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