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Three countries to enjoy after-ski drinks and cocktails

We can enjoy winter in many ways and one is to visit the mountain. Here are three original countries to enjoy after-ski drinks and cocktails.


Switzerland and champagne

Recognized worldwide as the most elegant and expensive skiing destination in Europe, Switzerland proudly demonstrates its appreciation of after skiing. One of the cities is St.Moritz, where the Cartlon hotel offers the Sun Terrace, with excellent views over the lake, to enjoy a bottle of champagne. A place of contemplation par excellence to relax.


Chile and Pisco sour

For those who wish to venture into the Andes, Portillo is the ideal ski resort in the Valparaíso Region. Here, the custom is to take a Pisco Sour and head for the outdoor jacuzzi. Skiers go around the active volcano Nevados de Chillan. And then, nothing better than gathering at the resort’s natural hot springs. In Portillo, the jacuzzi offers a view over the Inca Lagoon. Another interesting place is Valle Nevado, which also has a large Jacuzzi, so large that there is a volleyball net.



And on the other side of the world, we have Hokkaido. A great place to venture into skiing. The quintessential drinks to enjoy here are the Sapporo Classic beer or a hot toddy with Japanese Suntory whisky.

Among the options to relax, there is the Onsen, a traditional Japanese hot spring easily available in the mountains and the hotels have some too. In the heights, you will also find Izakayas on the road. Here you can drink homemade cocktails, refined Japanese whiskey and very good ramen.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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