These were the top 10 Japanese Whisky of 2018

The year 2018 delivered a number of new bottlings which deserved to be shared. With new distilleries opening every month in Japan, the craft distilling movement is flourishing.

Yamazaki Peated – Essence of Suntory

This new Japanese whisky is a surprising release. Yamazaki rarely releases peated whiskies,   and this one comes in unique bottles. 


Komatagatake Double Cellars Single Malt

This interesting single malt is aged in various climates, making it one of the best release. It offers fruity notes, as well as toffee and vanilla flavors. 


Moon Glow Limited Edition 2018

This blend of whiskies aged from 10 to 20 years was named Best Japanese Limited Blended Release at the World Whiskies Awards 2018.


Karuizawa Emerald Geishas

The Emerald Geishas is a set of casks which includes 170 bottles of 33-year-old sherry and 265 bottles of a 35-year-old bourbon. All the bottles sold out very quickly.


Mars Single Malt Komagatake 27-year-old

1200 bottles of this 27-year-old single malt were released earlier this year and sold through an online lottery. It contains notes spicy notes as well as a touch of vanilla and molasses.


Marsmalt le Papillon H.Glaucippe Liuliuensis Single Cask

This whisky was named after the H.Glaucippe Liukiuensis butterfly. It was matured in a bourbon barrel after being distilled in 2014.


The Kikou – Eigashama 2011 Port Ellen Cask Finish

This bottling was distilled in 2011 and matured in a whisky barrel, giving it a unique taste: a mix of peat, smoke and spice combined to floral and maritime touches.


Asta Morris Chichibu 6-year-old Bourbon Barrel

This single cask whisky was matured in a first fill bourbon cask and offers creamy vanilla, cinnamon and summer spice flavors. 


Nikka Black Rich Blend Extra Sherry

Being the least expensive of the list, more than 100 000 bottles of this whisky were sold in Japan. This complex blend is not only affordable, it is also very enjoyable. 


Hibiki Blenders’s Choice

The new addition to the Suntory’s Hibiki range is a blend which has been matured in wine casks, adding soft depth to that range.



Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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