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Why would Bourbon be better than Vodka?

According to the website of Americas Best Racing, bourbon would be better than vodka. Why ?

Vodka prices rely on its popularity and marketing campaigns. During the decade of the 60’s, vodka stole bourbon’s crown away and changed consumption preferences among the American people. Therefore, there are only two types of people in the world; those faithful to bourbon and those who prefer Vodka. But no matter which group you represent, prepare yourself mentally because among the following lines you will find 5 reason why bourbon is just better than vodka.

  1. It brings people together

Bourbon consumers represent a community. There are many cultural independent gatherings and organizations such as the Bourbon Woman and the Bourbon & Beyond, that welcome all kinds of people.

  1. Fresh flavors

Iced vodka usually reveals flaws in alcohol when the ice starts to melt. Unlike the bourbon, on which ice makes it even better since it enhances its flavors and releases new tastes and scents.

  1. Quality and utility

Bourbon is stored in new, charred-oak barrels which gives the beverage its color and some of its flavors. Besides, once the whiskey is distillated, the barrel is then sent to age other types of liquors such as the legendary tequila in Mexico.

  1. Social supporter

In Kentucky, 6O% of its cost represents its tax. The Kentucky Distillers’ Associations states that bourbon consumption in the “Bluegrass State” has contributed to the construction of schools and roads.

  1. No additional flavors needed

A bourbon cocktail is naturally caramelized with a discrete vanilla essence. Unlike vodka which most consumers add extra fruity flavors like cranberry juice or strawberries to be able to swallow it down.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly

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