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Alcohol-free is coming back in January

Dry January is just around the corner! So why not start looking at what’s new in alcohol-free drinks? Meet Osco.

Photo by Laure Noverraz on Unsplash

There is now an aperitif that allows epicureans to enjoy themselves without drinking a drop of alcohol. OSCO L’original, is an organic aperitif ideal to face the holiday marathon and the Dry January while keeping a healthier lifestyle.

OSCO L’original is a fresh and aromatic aperitif with a unique taste identity: made from a blend of organic verjuice that replaces wine and southern plants, it has a beautiful aromatic complexity and a sweet bitterness.

Its name was inspired by the Occitan exclamation, “Osco!”, which was heard on the markets of the South when one arrived at the right weight, the right measure, and which means “bravo, well done! It is a nod to the quest for perfect balance in this blend.

OSCO L’original also has the advantage of being low in calories: a glass of OSCO diluted with tonic contains only 38 calories, which is half as much as a glass of wine or orange juice, and 3 times less than a beer.


How to enjoy the alcohol-free aperitif ?

Steven, the bar manager at Gravity Bar, has created several recipes for alcohol-free cocktails based on OSCO The Original: the Kirosco, with orgeat syrup and elderflower soda, and the In the Tropic, with lime juice, coconut syrup and chocolate bitters. The OSCO Tonic was created by the two founders. This cocktail made with tonic, OSCO, ice cubes and a sprig of rosemary is their perfect serve. OSCO also pairs perfectly with spirits, such as gin or mezcal, to create Low ABV cocktails.


About the creators of OSCO

Marion Lebeau and Laura Falque, the founding partners of OSCO, both went to business school before working for large luxury groups, from brand creation to activation, in France and internationally.

During their pregnancy, the two young women realized how much the moment of the aperitif lost its conviviality when one cannot drink alcohol, because of the lack of adapted drinks. “We were always offered drinks that were very sweet, artificial or not very fun,” explains Laura.

Marion and Laura then decided to combine their worlds and skills to create OSCO. The two partners bring to the company their vision and complementary skills.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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