Antony Bertin Negroni Twist on the Negroni

The Mezgroni : Antony Bertin’s Twist on the Negroni

We are delighted to introduce Antony Bertin’s twist on the Negroni cocktail! This time we bring you the Mezgroni.

You probably already are familiar with Antony Bertin’s name, head bartender at the Hotel Castelbrac Bar in France.

Last year, Antony Bertin was crowned winner of the Cognac Bartender Contest France Edition, with his Terre Lune cocktail.

As we love his creations, we asked him this time to propose to us his twist on the Negroni. This popular cocktail is turning 103 years old this 2022 and we never get tired of it nor of its multiple twists.

Bertin is a full-time creator, he enjoys enjoy combining the goodness of the Earth with mixology. For his take on the Negroni, he created a veggie-inspired cocktail, switched the main ingredients by bold spirits and prepared a garnish reminiscing of nature.


Mezgroni – Twist on the Negroni by Antony Bertin

30 ml of Mezcal Unión

30 ml of white Lillet infused with homemade Popcorn

30 ml of Gentian aperitif “La Jeannette”

Garnish: Corn on the cob and micro-vegetables

Type of glass: rocks


You can stay updated with Antony Bertin’s mixology adventures via his Instagram account @antony_bertin_od


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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