cocktail clover club with a twist

Cocktail of the week with a twist: Clover Club/Raspberry

Illustration: SpiritsHunters

We revisit the classic Clover Club, a cocktail dating back to well before Prohibition. Silky and beautiful to the eye by its foam and colors, this cocktail is fruity, light, very balanced and easy to drink.

In the original Clover Club recipe we add grenadine, but for our recipe we have chosen to substitute grenadine with raspberry jam. Blackberry jam is also a good choice. You can also replace grenadine with cranberry.



*For two glasses

1/2 bar spoon of raspberry jam

2 egg whites (or 4 tablespoons of aquafaba)

6 measures of gin

Juice of 2 limes

Ice cubes

Garnish: Strawberry slices

Type of glass: Martini

Preparation: In a cocktail shaker, add 8-10 ice cubes and pour the lemon juice, jam, egg whites and gin. Shake vigorously until condensation forms on the shaker. Strain and pour into the Martini glasses. Garnish with a slice of strawberries.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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