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Cocktails and drinks to celebrate St. Patrick’s

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Green beer? It does exist. Dyeing your beer green or making green cocktails, or Irish cream are some recipes to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday that commemorates the figure of St. Patrick, a preacher born in a Roman home in Scotland or Wales, who would have come to Ireland in the year 432 to evangelize. This tradition uses the color green to scare away the leperchauns, that is, goblins from Celtic mythology.


Green Beer

We know that green is the representative color of St. Patrick’s Day. You can make this beer at home. All you’ll need is a fairly light, green-colored beer You get your best pint of beer, add the beer, and the food coloring. Don’t overdo it with the coloring because you can create a very dark, weird green color.



Shamrock Shooter

A fruity version of the traditional shot. Light, creamy and with a rich fruit flavor because of the melon liquor.

Ingredients (makes two shots)

60 ml of melon liquor

15 ml Irish whiskey

15 ml Irish cream (like Bailey’s)


Add the ingredients and ice in a shaker. Shake well until all the elements are incorporated. Filter the mixture into a shot.



Grasshopper cocktail

Another green cocktail for your party. The Grasshopper does not use any hard liquor, it only needs two creams of liquor like mint cream and cocoa cream.


30 ml Spearmint cream

White cocoa cream 30 ml

30 ml thick cream (to be whipped)

Ice cubes


A sprig of mint

Type of glass

Old Fashioned Coupe


Cocktail shaker



Add the ingredients, except the mint, in the shaker and add ice. Shake the shaker and strain the ingredients into the previously chilled glass. That’s it, just add the mint stick for the garnish. Garnish, taste and enjoy!


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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