Try this spritz cocktail version made with cider

The spritz is undoubtedly one of the cocktails at the moment, here revisited in cider version with whiskey and pieces of fresh apple.

Very popular, this is an opportunity for us to present you a recipe very different from the original Spritz, but equally delicious: sweet cider Ecusson, whiskey, sparkling water and pieces of fresh apple.


Spritz version with cider




For 2 people

– 20 cl of sweet cider Ecusson

– 4 cl of pure Malt whiskey

– 2 cl of Aperol

– 2 cl of fresh lemon juice

– Sparkling water

– 1 apple to cut in thin slices

– Some branches of thyme



  1. Pour 10cl of cider Ecusson, 2cl of whiskey, 1 dash of Aperol and 1 dash of lemon juice into a whiskey glass.
  2. Add some sparkling water, stir with the mixing spoon. Cut apple sticks and thyme and add them to the cocktail.


To taste very fresh!


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.



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