How to prepare shots of Kamikaze cocktail

The classic Kamikaze cocktail can’t be missing from your recipe list, especially in its shot version and it’s very easy to prepare, so learn the recipe!

But first a little bit of history…

The Kamikaze Cocktail is a cocktail based on vodka, Triple Sec and fresh lemon juice. It is presumed that it was born after World War II, in Tokyo in the bar of an American military base. The second story, presumably invented in the 1970s, considering it a classic disco cocktail.

For our delight and to change things in the bar, we bring the recipe of the Kamikaze cocktail shot version. A different way of tasting. And as the old is in fashion, this classic cocktail will make the perfect tasting among your guests.

Kamikaze shot cocktail


30 ml vodka

15 ml of Triple Sec

15 ml lemon juice




Mix the ingredients with ice and pour the mix into an frozen shot. You can add a lemon wedge to garnish. Consume in moderation


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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