“If my first love were a cocktail, it would be a Babiana”, by bartender Farouk Toutounji

It is bartender Farouk Toutounji turn to tell us how this cocktail reminds him of his true love story! Read his story here.

We asked bartenders all over the world to share a cocktail that relates to their first love story. Discover what Farouk Toutounji’s cocktail is. Farouk is a bartender in Lebanon at the Timmy’s Bar and was also a participant and winner of the Spirits Hunters CONFINEMENT BARTENDER CONTEST.


“If my first love were a cocktail, it would be a Babiana”

It all started on a busy Saturday night. A charming lady in a purple flower dress approached me at the bar. I knew I was captivated the moment her lavender perfume mixed so passionately with the gentle summer breeze and the bar lights reflected her supple glowing skin. “Is she more of a wine, a whiskey, or a beer lady?”i asked myself.

What can i offer you my lady” she smiled and said, “surprise me”. “Ah! Adventurous and confident! My kind of women!”, I said to myself. I was intrigued, I had to prepare something special on the spot. I had to captivate her the way she captivated me.

And this is how Babiana came to light. And how our story began.

A drink, that is more than just alcohol in a glass. It embodies the spirit of the Babiana, a purple flower that grows so confidently in the garden just as in the wild. A drink that reminds me of the charming, confident and adventurous lady in that purple flower dress that swept me off my feet the moment I saw her. A drink that depicts the beginning of forever… The beginning of a love story between me and that Babiana lady who became my lover, then my partner, then my wife, then the mother of my son. 


Cocktail Babiana 


30 ml London dry gin

20 ml parfait amour liqueur

20 ml lavender syrup

20 ml lemon juice

10 ml Egg white

Garnish: Babiana flower or lemon round.

Preparation Dry shake, shake with ice and strain into chilled coupe glass.


Cheers 🥂



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