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Where to enjoy alcohol-free or “low ABV” cocktails in Shanghai bars?

A list of the best places to enjoy alcohol-free or low ABV cocktails in Shanghai.

There is no doubt that the low ABV (low alcohol by volume) trend has become one of the most discussed topics during the last two years. In the world of mixology, low ABV or simply alcohol-free cocktails are an evolving alternative as creativity and care in this category improves. Also, another aspect that encourages drinking non-alcoholic cocktails is our concern to stay healthier and online and even cultural and religious beliefs and customs.

This movement is evolving more and more and over time more brands of alcohol, both established and new, are launching into this adventure, from beers to spirits that mimic whisky or gin. Some of them are Seedlip, Atopia (William Grant & Sons), Whyte & Mackay Light (Whyte & Mackay), Ceder’s (Pernod Ricard).

Overall, the market with little or no alcohol should grow by 39% between 2018 and 2020. Fitch Solutions predicts that the global market will expand by 4% year-on-year from 2019. A prediction that has increased from 3.9% to 2018.

To please all consumers, it is important that bars integrate this practice thanks to the ingredients that accompany non-alcoholic spirits. Jamaica pepper, grapefruit, cardamom, ginger, rosemary, cedar are some of the ingredients used in the maceration of these “spirits”. Brands should consider using innovative ingredients to replicate the complicated taste process of spirits, wines and beers. And the same goes for bartenders and the non-alcoholic cocktail menu.


The trend in Asia

The boom of low alcohol drinks has been taking over the Asian continent as well and many countries in the continent take advantage of the religious periods and even Dry January to avoid alcohol.

In these Shanghai bars the standards for non-alcoholic cocktails are high. In fact you will find renowned bars that have been nominated to prestigious lists such as World’s 50 Best, and awards such as Spirited Awards from Tales of the Cocktail Foundation. This trend in the region has been seducing the locals.


Addresses to taste non-alcoholic cocktails in Shanghai


The Odd Couple @theoddcoupleshanghai


No. 25, Lane 181 Taicang Lu, near Xingye Lu. Huangpu district.

太仓路181弄25号, 近兴业路


Beverly @beverly_shanghai


7/F, 20 Donghu Lu, near Huaihai Lu, district Xuhui

东湖路20号7楼, 近淮海中路


Shake @shakeshanghai


3/F, 46 Maoming Nan Lu, near Jinxian Lu, district Huangpu

茂名南路46号3楼, 近进贤路


The Cannery @thecanneryshanghai


1107 Yuyuan Lu, near Jiangsu Lu, district Changning

愚园路1107号, 近江苏路




Wheelock Square, 2/F, South Annex, 1717 Nanjing Xi Lu, near Huashan Lu, Jing’an District

南京西路1717号会德丰国广场2楼, 近华山路


Sober Café @sober_company

¿Dónde? 99 Yandang Lu, near Nanchang Lu, district Huangpu

雁荡路99号, 近南昌路


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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