moscow mule

This is the summer’s Long Drink Cocktail by Baptiste Bochet

Among so many choices and possibilities, Baptiste Bochet spoke with to select the cocktail of the summer.

Bochet explains that this year the trend is towards light cocktails with relatively low alcohol levels and with fruits and vegetables. For example, the Moscow Mule and the Spritz. Both cocktails are between 9 and 12 degrees of alcohol.

In addition, he stresses that summer cocktails should be refreshing and have pronounced taste without being cloying. As an example, he again proposes the Moscow Mule as the ideal cocktail.

“At first it was a lemonade with ginger alcohol and the vodka was obfuscated by the ginger beer. Ginger beer became the fashionable soda because the industry placed it a bit everywhere. At the Moscow Mule, it is the ginger and its healthy side of ginger beer that gives a “drink me back” taste. Bochet says about the mules cocktails, generally characterized by having ginger beer.


Moscow Mule Recipe

60 ml of vodka

90 ml ginger beer

Juice of half a lemon

Garnish: slice of lemon


Add the ingredients over ice in a mule mug (copper) or a Highball glass and decorate with a slice of lemon.

Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.