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A bottle of Normandin Mercier Cognac auctioned at Artcurial on 22 and 23 February

The auction place Artcurial, and Laurie Matheson, present us with a bottle of 1976 Petite Champagne cognac from Normandin Mercier.

Lot 850 is particularly original, it is a Cognac 1976 Petite Champagne, Normandin Mercier. This limited edition, with an estimate of between 500 and 550€, will appeal to amateurs and is not sold on retail.

This bottle by the maison Normandin Mercier is part of a 24 bottles series that spent 14 months under the water of the Atlantic Ocean. In 2020, the bottles were extracted from the sea. When comparing the bottles aged underwater and aged in land, there was an obvious effect on the evolution of the cognac as part of the marine influence.

Normandin Mercier was founded in 1872 near the city of La Rochelle. The city is located on the central west coast of France, so the maison keeps a close link with the maritime history of the Charente region. Thus, they decided to try this innovative experiment that had never been done with Cognac before.

Edouard Normandin tells us that “the immersion showed to changes to the Cognac. The first one, an esthetic one, the bottles are now adorned with natural underwater elements.

The second change is to the taste, after a comparative tasting we noticed that the Cognac benefited grandly from this experience. Each bottle has an immersion certificate.”


The auction will take place on Monday 22 and Tuesday 23 February at ARTCURIAL.


12 rue de Ponthieu

75008, Paris

You can attend live auctions with the Artcurial Live Bid service, register at :


Wines and Spirits expert, specialized in auctions with Artcurial in Paris. Laurie Matheson is also a consultant for the valuations of cellars for insurance as well as for marketing and commercial projects. Member of the RVF tasting committee, she writes articles and has co-written 4 books on wine.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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