cocktail with cognac by stanislas jouenne

A Cognac cocktail to celebrate the beautiful days of Spring

Stanislas Jouenne, Cognac Educator and bartender for 30 years, was inspired by fresh and floral flavors to create the “Supplément d’âme”, a light and colorful cognac cocktail, just like spring.

Now that spring has arrived, it is time to return to floral and fresh flavors that will suit our palate. Indeed, working a cocktail in parallel with the seasons is important in order to reveal various dimensions of taste.

Stanislas Jouenne worked with the aromatic wheel of cognac by concentrating on flavors such as almond and orange blossom. In addition, adding orgeat syrup, which integrates perfectly into the recipe for its very tastes.

Photo: © Adeline Monnier Photographies

Then, as for the selection of the cognac, Stanislas preferred a VSOP cognac. Its amber color, its fruity nose, and being elegant and spicy as well as containing intensity and balance between toasted almond and peach notes, in the mouth, create the perfect harmony for a cocktail.


The Supplément d’âme Cocktail

Photo: © Adeline Monnier Photographies


40 ml of cognacVSOP

12.5 ml of homemade horchata syrup

3 dash of Dr. Adam Elmegirab Teapot Bitter Cocktails

70 ml of Natürlich Sparkling White, undiluted

1 lemon peel

Ice cubes

Type of glass: Nick and Nora

Garnish: lemon peel

Preparation: add the ingredients to the shaker except the sparkling white and use the “Roll” working technique to refresh without adding ice cubes.

To do this, take two shakers. In one of them, put the ice cubes and ingredients and cover it with a cocktail strainer. Then transfer the ingredients from one shaker to the other, spacing the shakers as much as possible and holding the ice cubes with the strainer.

Pour into a “Nick & Nora” type cocktail glass. Add the sparkling white and then the lemon zest to bring a little freshness to the cognac cocktail.

Enjoy immediately!


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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