cognac bartender contest winners week4

Cognac Bartender Contest Week #4: Camille Pélisson and Floran Telmon

#CognacBartenderContest THANK YOU! To all the bartenders for these four weeks of #CognacCocktails !

We’ve already awarded eight bartenders and we can’t wait to discover the Big Winner of our Cognac Bartender Contest organized with @cognac_official !

We would like to thank and congratulate all the bartenders for their efforts and dedication. You guys are great !🥃💛 And thank you to all the professionals in the Cognac sector for making this initiative possible.


Congratulations to the winning bartenders of week #4 for their tutorial video of cognac-based cocktails:

🥃Camille Pélisson

🥃Floran Telmon


Camille Pélisson – Golden Brandy Cocktail

From La Rochelle

Bar: Le Mary Lili


Golden Brandy Cocktail Recipe

Note from the bartender: Imagine yourself tasting the Golden Brandy perfumed with rosemary in the middle of a pine forest, it will make you travel between the Cognac region and the flavours of Asia. The roundness and the power of VS Cognac will awaken your senses, the vivacity of the lemon will balance the sweetness of the pepper syrup and finally the ginger beer will come to exalt the whole cocktail.

  • 7cl Cognac VS
  • 3cl Yellow Lemon juice
  • 3cl Timut Pepper Syrup
  • 7cl Pimento Ginger Beer
  • Fresh rosemary

Method: smoke the rosemary. In a shaker, mix all the ingredients except the Ginger Beer which is added to the Tumblr after pouring. Decorate with a sprig of rosemary, a few straws and a straw.


Floran Telmon – Segonzac’s Soul Cocktail

From Monêtier les Bains, Hautes Alpes

Bar: Blue Bird Cocktail Bar


Cocktail recipe Segonzac’s Soul

Note from the bartender: “For the cocktail, I went for a seasonal cocktail with spices and orange that I clarified with milk to bind the ingredients and bring sweetness. The name is taken from the legend of the Segonzac knight at the origin of the double distillation of cognac which is perpetuated to this day. I have always been inspired and attracted by spirits and their stories before I started making cocktails.

  • 30 ml homemade clarified spicy orange juice
  • 15 ml Maraschino liqueur
  • 20ml Red Vermouth
  • 45ml Cognac V.S
  • Orange peel pressed

Garnish: orange zest and citrus flavored bubble

Glassware: Cocktail cup/glassware

Method: mixing glass.


You wish to participate in the Bartender Contest Cognac?


Bartenders from France! You have until December 18th to submit your best cognac-based cocktail tutorial videos.

All bartenders are invited, new and former participants of the last four weeks, all bartenders based in France now have the opportunity to participate until December 18th at 3pm to try to win a place in the Top20 and finally become the Grand Winner of the COGNAC BARTENDER CONTEST! A prize of 1000 euros from Spirits Hunters and a trip to Cognac by the @cognac_official interprofession are waiting for you !

The videos of participants who have already participated are retained for this pre-selection phase for the top 20 and are invited to send new cocktail tutos if they wish to increase their chances.


Announcement of the Big Winner: Tuesday 5th of January.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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