week 3 cognac bartender contest uk winner

Glasgow bartender John Morrisson winner of Cognac Bartender Contest UK Week 3

As we move forward with the Cognac Bartender Contest UK organized with the Cognac Appellation, we are happy to congratulate bartender John Morrisson for his Chocolat de l’Après-Midi Cocktail.

John Morrisson is a bartender from Scotland working at the Blue Dog Glasgow bar at East Kilbride, he finds inspiration in challenges “to elevate where I can.” His cocktail Chocolat de l’Après-Midi was selected as the best cocktail tutorial in week 3 of the Cognac Bartender Contest UK edition. Read our interview with John below.


– Spirits Hunters: Where do you come from?

– John Morrisson: I hail from just outside Glasgow, SCOTLAND.


– How did you become a Bartender and when?

By chance actually, my sister shared a post to me that peaked my interest. It was a prohibition repeal evening which had a 1920’s/30’s theme. Cocktails, music, costumes… It was an incredible experience and I just wanted to be immersed in it!


– Why did you decide to participate in our contest?

The challenge and the thrill of taking part! I love experimenting and putting my own twist on a serve, be it drinks or food… I want to push myself to elevate where I can.


– Where did you get the inspiration for your cocktail?

My inspiration came from a previous seminar I attended with a cognac representative, who spoke of a serve common in France, which paired coffee, cognac and chocolate… three C’s!


– What do you like the most about cognac?

The stories are just as rich and flavorful as the spirit itself! Along with it being extremely versatile.


The Chocolat de l’Après-midi Cocktail


45ml Cognac Vs

10ml Herbal Liqueur

10ml Orange Liqueur

40ml Fresh Coffee

Preparation: Add all ingredients to a shaker with ice. Shake vigorously and double strain into your vessel. Shave chocolate to garnish and enjoy.


*Make sure you follow John Morrisson on Instagram @cocktails_with_cupid


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About the Cognac Bartender Contest UK

Together with the cognac Appellation, the Cognac Bartender Contest UK has been created for all bartenders in the UK who want to share with us via Instagram their tutorial video on how to create cognac-based cocktails. Our goal is to help the bartender community to stay active and support them during the Covid-19 situation. The contest is also a way to highlight the aromatic richness of cognac in cocktails.

The competition will reward one bartender each week during 6 weeks with a £100 endowment on behalf of Spirits Hunters, and the Big Winner of the competition will notably be invited to #Cognac by the cognac interprofession and will earn a £800 endowment on behalf of Spirits Hunters.

You can read the rules here as well as submit your participation to the contest.

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Dates: March 15th – May 7th

We’re looking forward to your videos!


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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