Discover cognac and the spicy aromas of autumn

The versatility of Cognac is such that its aromatic palette covers the four seasons. Let’s discover the aromas present in autumn.

Floral, fruity, spicy or woody: Cognac’s aromatic palette symbolically covers the four seasons, including autumn. It is a lever for discovering the universe of Cognacs.

On the occasion of the Paris Cocktail Festival and the France Quintessence trade show on Monday 19 October and Tuesday 20 October 2020, the Interprofession highlighted the aromas of Cognac. Guillaume le Dorner, Mixologist of the Bar Luciole (Cognac), will introduce cocktail professionals to a long drink and a short drink highlighting the aromas of Cognac.

Régis Hardouin Finez, Cognac Educator, will lead an olfactory tasting workshop. This workshop will allow everyone to discover a dozen emblematic aromas of Cognac. Visitors will then be able to taste a selection of cognacs at the show, namely, the houses Bache Gabrielsen, Decroix, Domaine du Chêne, Grosperrin, Park, Planat and Tesseron.


Autumn, one of the four aromatic seasons of Cognac

Designed in collaboration with about fifty cellar masters, sommeliers, chefs and tasting journalists, the Cognac aroma wheel is a didactic tool that classifies the different aromas of Cognac by symbolically linking them to a season. It thus allows the diversity of aromas to be highlighted by highlighting those that correspond to the current season. Autumn naturally covers the spicy notes in the broadest sense: cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, truffle, chocolate, dried fig, dried apricot…

The aromatic palette of Cognac is a lever enabling consumers and professionals (bartenders, mixologists, sommeliers, wine merchants) to understand the diversity of Cognacs thanks to the sixty or so aromas referenced in it. The aromas are the basic “ingredients” of Cognac: just like the perfumer’s “nose”, the cellar master composes subtle blends of eaux-de-vie of different ages and vintages to give all the aromatic richness to his cognac.


Find the autumn in a Cognac-based cocktail.

You can taste the Cognac and plunge into the flavors of autumn in a cocktail like the St. Preuil with a bar of chocolate and a few drops of Angostura bitter.


45 ml Cognac VSOP

25 ml Old white pineau des Charentes

2 dash Angostura Bitters

A piece of chocolate

Type of glass: rocks


In a mixing glass, add the Pineau, the bitter, then the Cognac.

Fill with ice cubes and mix with a barspoon for about 20 seconds.

Fill your glass with ice cubes. Pour the contents of the mixing glass.

Garnish with a piece of chocolate on top of your glass.


Follow advice on how to drink Cognac here.

Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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