ginebra de pepinillo - pickle gin

A pickle gin? Discover this gin made in France

In France they have created a pickle gin, two brands representing the French gastronomic expertise in both drinks and food have joined forces…

Citadelle. For history buffs, the name of a fortress rings a bell. To gourmets, it’s something else entirely. It is the first French gin. And it has not hesitated to renew itself for 26 years, uninterruptedly, even if only by partnering with Maison Marc, a specialist in gherkins.

They are two emblems of France. The first is inevitably linked to French culture, but until recently it was not grown there or was grown very little: the gherkin. The second has become just that over time.

In 1996, Alexandre Gabriel (Maison Ferrand), fed up with English gin and other products, decided it was time for France to make its own gin. Citadelle was born. A precursor, he had no idea that 26 years later there would be more than 80 brands of French gin.


Pickle Gin: a creation of Citadelle Gin and Maison Marc

Today, Citadelle Gin has made a surprising partnership. In fact, it is with Maison Marc, a Chemilly-sur-Yonne producer of French gherkins free of insecticides, herbicides and preservatives, that Citadelle Gin is becoming even more Frenchified to make room for 3,000 exclusive bottles for the world and 120 for France.

Vive le cornichon” gin is a new addition to the Les Excentriques collection. As Alexandre Gabrielle likes to say: “Impossible is not Ferrand“.

The gin’s pickle gin flavor is slightly acidic. Yes, you might have guessed it, like a little pickle, in short.


A little Pickle “GinTo” this summer?

Feel free to tell us how you make your gin and tonic….

Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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