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5 spirit brands belonging to famous people

These five spirit brands are created or directed by famous artists, from rappers to actors. Gin, cognac, tequila, each one ventures in its own way. Discover them here.


Proper No. Twelve Irish Whiskey

UFC champion and martial arts star Connor McGregor pays tribute to his roots with Proper No. Twelve Irish Whiskey. Launched in 2018, this whiskey was a driving force in Irish Whiskey sales. In fact, sales reached one billion dollars in the United States for the first time in history.

*A blended grain whiskey aged in bourbon and single malt barrels. Very good for drinking alone or with an Irish coffee.


D’Ussé V.S.O.P Cognac

Jay-Z is known for having a stake in a luxury champagne brand, and for partially owning the Cognac D’Ussé. The rapper launched this cognac in 2012 with Bacardi. A spirit that does not doubt its quality. Jay-Z recently launched a version of D’Ussé to celebrate his 50th birthday. A cognac of Grand Champagne.

*Buquet of toasted and woody notes, and a sweet and smooth texture.


Wild Turkey Longbranch

Matthew McConaughey began his relationship with Longbranch by doing commercials for the brand in 2106. But by 2018, the actor prepared his first launch with the brand, the Longbranch Bourbon. The bourbon goes through a unique filtering process using American white oak and Texas mesquite charcoal.

*Silky, smooth bourbon, rich in caramel and toffee aromas, and sweet and orange honey flavors.



We recently announced Michael Jordan’s adventure into the world of tequila. Cincoro Blanco launched as a project between the basketball player, Jeanie Buss, Wes Edens, Emilia Fazzalari and Wye Gousbeck. This tequila is a luxury spirit available in blanco, and its average value is $70.

*Complex aromas of grapefruit green paprika In the mouth, it is full and does not burn, even if served dry at room temperature.


Aviation Gin

In 2018, the actor Ryan Reynolds bought a large part of the gin company. Aviation, pioneers the origin of American style of gin, known as “American Dry” since 2006. A less bitter gin than the classic London Dry gin.

*Aroma dominated by citrus fruits, pepper and spices. On the palate it is defined by the orange peel, and a light touch of simple juniper-infused syrup.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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