8 ways to DETOX starting from breakfast TIME!

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We always need to detox, to get rid of our excesses, not only alcohol but also certain fats and sugars we ingest.

Here are eight ways for you to cleanse your body of toxins and unwanted elements to reboot your body.


1. Track all foods that are a calorie bomb

And avoid foods at risk of increasing fat or unhealthy foods.

2. Choose to store delicious and healthy foods in your cupboard and refrigerator.

You can make this task easier with recipes prepared in batches; clean, chopped-up fruit and vegetable dishes and snacks; and delicious yogurts and sauces.

3. Exercise!

Start your day with physical activity. Before you do anything, get out of the house to walk, jump and if you can’t go to the gym, take advantage of the outdoor spaces in a park near your home.

4. Don’t forget breakfast

It is advisable to eat breakfast every morning, preferably at home to opt for healthier foods. Skipping breakfast causes you to eat more than recommended during the day.

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5. Eat lightly at night

It is best to consume fewer calories than you do during the day. Soup, for example, is ideal for satisfying hunger with fewer calories. Besides, it will allow you to wake up without that angry hunger!

6. Sleep well

Sleeping well is essential. Studies show that sleeping problems have an impact on weight problems. Try to get at least seven hours of sleep every night.

7. Healthy mind, healthy body

Keep your mind at peace, surround yourself with loved ones, and avoid sabotaging your goals with unnecessary thoughts. It is essential to use spaces that relax us like a spa, for example, and also, you will release toxins through sweating. Or you can choose to do breathing exercises to increase your concentration and to meditate. There are many methods for doing breathing exercises and you can even do them from your cell phone.

8. Drinks!

Detox drinks are a healthy way to reset our body. Check them out below.


Detox Drinks

Water with lemon: This is a natural detoxifying drink that helps purify the liver and improves the body’s digestion.

Celery juice: This drink has a high content of vitamin C and antioxidants, which boosts liver detoxification, in addition to improving digestion.

Beet juice: This option to consume is rich in antioxidants.

Cucumber juice: It has a high dose of vitamin K, so it cleanses the liver.

Herbal tea: Some herbs such as green tea, ginger tea, mint tea, and turmeric tea are healthy detoxifying drinks for the body.


More alternatives for Detox sessions

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Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.



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