The Emerging Trend of Double-Walled Cocktail Glasses

The Emerging Trend of Double-Walled Cocktail Glasses

The development of cocktail glassware reflects the dynamic nature of design, shaped by societal changes and technological progress. From the sleek lines of Bauhaus to the resurgence of vintage aesthetics, each period has left its mark on the fabric of design history. Today, sustainability emerges as a central theme, driving the creation of designs that seamlessly blend form, function, and environmental consciousness.

The Emerging Trend


When crafted from double-walled Pyrex glass (borosilicate), glasses are referred to as thermos or insulated. This double-layered construction provides insulation, keeping hot or cold beverages at their desired temperature for longer durations compared to single-walled glass.

Introducing double-walled borosilicate glassware—a fusion of contemporary innovation and traditional craftsmanship. Intriguingly shaped protrusions within our tasting glasses create captivating liquid movements, elevating the aroma and flavor profile of spirits by efficiently releasing their essence during swirling.


The Emerging Trend of Double-Walled Cocktail Glasses


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