A quarter of the turnover of Spanish bars depends on beer

Spanish bars enjoy the importance that beer represents for their country, consumed 94% in a group, with friends and family becoming an important livelihood for bars.

During 2017 more than 3570 million liters of beer were drunk in Spain alone, a forceful figure, as beer depends between 25 and 40% of the turnover of Spanish bars.

Beer accounts for 1.3% of GDP and generates 344,000 jobs a year, making Spain, after Germany, the second European country to generate more employment in the brewing sector. Another important fact is that 90% of the beer consumed in Spain is national production.

Cerveceros de España – an entity that groups together the producers of beer in Spain – presented certain relevant data for the sector and at the same time presented sustainability and environmental plans: they will work on the circularity of the packaging, energy efficiency, reduction of the carbon footprint, improvement of efficiency in the use of water and innovation and environmental awareness.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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