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How beer, coffee and fruit go well together

Alex Flores found the formula to bring beer, coffee, and fruits together!

Coffee beer or fruit beer? Alex Flores is a brewer and he found a formula to unite these distant but complementary flavors.


First, it is important to find the ideal formula to bring together coffee and fruits.

As a good coffee connoisseur, Alex Flores starts with a type of coffee in his mind that will allow him to define the fruit profile. “It’s also very helpful to ask the roaster directly about the coffee and get their opinion on the tasting notes,” Flores explains.

Coffees that lean more toward red fruits – and sweet fruits – naturally pair well with softer fruits such as blueberry, boysenberry or even sweeter citrus such as Valencia orange. I find that vivid, citrusy coffees pair well with more intense fruits like raspberry or passion fruit.”

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The right beer

To well complement fruit, coffee and beer, it’s important to have a beer base that’s not too acidic. “I like to think of fruit as the bridge between the sour base and the coffee,” Flores explains. “If you manage to use fruit that complements the coffee notes, it will help wrap up all the ingredients nicely and concisely. For softer, sweeter fruits I generally add one pound of fruit per gallon of brew (about 120 grams per liter). For more intense and acidic fruits, on the other hand, I use half that.”

Flores comments that using a sour-based beer that is not too acidic will create more harmony in the end result. Sometimes you will be able to use beer without acid to get the right balance, because when the beer is too acidic, it complicates the palate and creates a confusing combination.

Learn more about Alex Flores and his nice creation of beer, coffee and fruit.


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