vodka made with beets

Beet vodka, a unique combination

In Minnesota, the local beet provides a unique flavor to this vodka created with this vegetable.

It’s an idea of Ben Brueshoff, who originally thought of opening a brewery. His destiny changes when he thinks of creating vodka from beets. Among other things, the craft brewing sector is very saturated, Brueshoff told the Grand Florida Herald. Creating vodka from beets would make it possible to create a new local liquor from local ingredients.

The beets Brueshoff uses in BET Vodka are from Minnesota’s Red River Valley, the nation’s leading beet-producing area.

It doesn’t smell like a standard vodka that has that, a lot of times that kind of abrasive quality that goes up your nose and burns a little bit,” Brueshoff said. “The taste is good, it’s a premium vodka,” confirmed Mark Nyquist, a beet grower for American Crystal Sugar, near Moorhead in Minnesota.

It’s a subtle vodka that has a nice vanilla and peppery finish when you sip it, and I think it’s because of the beets, this local Minnesota strain that we’re using,” said Brueshoff.

For now it is only possible to purchase BET Vodka in physical U.S. stores both online and offline. Feel free to contact them for an international expedition.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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