Bread and fruit to produce alcoholic beverages such as gin an beer

We have seen how many breweries use leftover bread in the production of their beers. However, from time to time, not only bread, but also fruit is used to produce alcoholic beverages such as gin.

This has been the case in England, where the industry is recovering more and more bread and fruit waste, which would initially be sent to the landfill.

One example is Foxhole distillery, which, according to The Drinks Business, partnered with England’s largest fruit importers, Richard Hochfeld. Both took the initiative to create Hyke gin, based on unsold grapes.

On the other hand, the Lewis bakery partnered with the Coles distillery to produce gin based on stale bread.

But there is more to this. Kellogg’s UK donates its corn flakes to the English brewery Seven Bro7hers to produce Throw Away IPA beer. As a result, Kellogg’s reduces its factory waste by 12.5%.

In France the trend is equally noted with breweries such as Hopscotch in the city of Toulouse and La Rieuse in the coastal city of La Rochelle.


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