The Brana lemon gin from Martine Brana

We are pleased to present the Brana lemon gin from Martine Brana, with whom we had the pleasure of exchanging words in order to learn more about her Brana spirit, a family story.


The Brana distillery

Brana opened its doors last spring in Ossetia, with, in addition to the distillery, a vast shop area where wines and the entire range of Brana spirits and brandies are presented.

Thanks to an elaboration from fresh hand-cut plants and limes, it is acidulous and fresh notes that have been sought, through a slow distillation in the small 400-litre still that has found its place in the new Brana distillery.


What is the basis of your gin ?

It is made from our selection of fresh plants and hand-cut fresh lime zest. It is patiently distilled in our small 400-litre still to capture the complexity of the aromas where juniper berries are present.


Which cocktail do you recommend with this gin ?

“After the “spicy” world of Espelette chilli pepper gin, I wanted to work on a gin recipe combining the freshness of a citrus fruit with the tonic character of juniper berry. I chose lime for its delicious tangy notes that blend harmoniously with it. ”


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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