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Drake: its “Virginia black” whisky about to become a gold mine

Rappers have a lot of imagination when it comes to making their profits grow. After launching a ready-to-wear line: O.V.O., Drake enters the spirits business. And it works quite well for him! Founded with the American entrepreneur Brent Hocking, his whisky brand “Virginia Black” is a great success in the United States and Canada, the country where he comes from. A success story that is not about to stop as the two partners raised $30,000,000 this year to expand abroad.

As far as the commercial is concerned, Drake is not afraid to wet the jersey. At once classy, hilarious and kitschy, the ad also features his father: musician Dennis Graham. In the atmosphere of a club, we see the rapper sipping a glass of Virginia Black while staring at a young woman dancing to the rhythm of one of her hits: “Passionfruit”. As he was about to approach her, his father gave her his drink and left with the young lady. Arms down, arms down!

An advertising clip full of self-derision, which brings a little sweetness to this world of rap game! He is not the first rapper to sniff the right vein: Jay-Z has bought the Champagne brand Armand De Brignac; boss P. Diddy is an ambassador for Ciroc vodka, 50 cents and his Effen vodka,… to name but a few.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.