Cairel selection: Bellevoye whisky, the first 100% French triple malt

The French whisky market is the first in the world. The latter consume 142 million litres per year, or more than two bottles per year per inhabitant! It is to this extent that Alexandre Sirech (expert in the trade of wines and spirits) and Jean Moueix (entrepreneur) wanted to go beyond the regional framework by creating their company Les Bienheureux. The two men invented a whisky in four versions, more or less peaty, but all from a triple distillation as well as French ingredients. “The selected blend is aged for twelve months in Charente, in the barrels of the Chai en Chai en Chêne de l’Allier. The heating of these new barrels gives a woody taste in harmony with the peaty notes of whisky” they explain.

Bellevoye Blue :

It has a nose of vanilla, honey and white flowers and offers a spicy ensemble. Its mouth reveals aromas of yellow fruit, baked apple and oak. The finish is long, with buttered and spicy notes.

Bellevoye Red :

There are aromas of cooked fruit, honey and caramelized ginger. The palate is round and smooth with a long spicy finish.

Bellevoye White :

It exhales notes of candied fruit and raisins, with a round and sweet palate, which ends with an ethereal finish.

Bellevoye Black :

It opens with delicate petrol aromas and continues with notes of mocha and spices. It develops a smooth and complex palate with a slightly salty finish.

In the end, the forty degrees of this whisky conquered the world with its exceptional aromatic complexity.

Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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