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Casa del Sol Tequila, Eva Longoria’s new adventure

The actress known for her role in the series Desperate Housewives launched Casa del Sol Tequila together with two Mexican businesswomen.

Another celebrity that ventures into the world of alcoholic beverages, this time it is the turn of Eva Longoria and her brand Casa del Sol Tequila. Through this Ultra premium tequila, Eva Longoria traces a retrospective to her roots, together with Mariana Padilla and Alejandra Pelayo. Together with both women, they seek to raise community voices, focus on sustainable production and share the magic of Mexican heritage around the world with a mystical storytelling.

“In a male-dominated business, you have to be really innovative,” says Longoria. “We bring a lot to the table because we have a diversity of approaches and a different perspective and mindset that add depth and value to our product. It allows us to think outside of the typical macho framework in which tequila is created.”

This is not the first time Eva Longoria has taken an interest in the world of tequila. Before Casa del Sol several creators had proposed to the actress to work with a tequila brand, but it was Casa del Sol Tequila the “first group that wanted to honor the Mexican craft and art, celebrating and promoting it. The liquid first. Heritage first. Culture first. Special union from the beginning.

Casa del Sol Tequila respects the sacred methods of the land and also ages the beverage in handcrafted cognac barrels made from French Limousin oak. This gives the drink a luxurious refinement, a kind of modern heritage that is ultimately one of the pillars of the tequila house.

The brand fosters a close relationship with the farmers, jimadores and distillers, celebrating the people of Jalisco. The agave comes from Los Altos, where it is naturally irrigated during the rainy season and harvested after seven years of maturation. Each selected agave is replanted with a scion once the soil has had a chance to regenerate.

This process preserves the region’s biodiversity without over-farming, which has been quite common in recent years. The distillery also uses agave biomass in the cooking process to eliminate contamination, as well as solar panels to power production. A responsible production process has always been at the core of the company.

Casa del Sol is also inspired by the Aztec goddess Mayahuel. According to legend, she wanted to protect herself and her lover, the God of Wind, from her spiteful grandmother with sharp agave leaves. Her grandmother struck the plant with lightning and reduced it to ashes. All that remained was a single needle and a pineapple filled with agave nectar, completing Mayahuel’s transformation into the Agave Goddess.

Longoria says he hopes to open the distillery, located in Arandas, near Guadalajara, to the public soon and involve generations of families working on the brand to share their wisdom.

Casa Del Sol is available in three varieties. The first, Blanco, sells for a suggested retail price of $59.99 and is full of fresh agave and mint with hints of caramel green apple. The second, the Reposado, is aged for a minimum of four months and sells for $69.99.September 10, 2021

You can expect some new releases from Casa del Sol tequila this year, including an Añejo Reserva.


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